tied the knot on

Saturday, April 8th, 2017


The Details



The York Manor

4908 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90042

guests arrived by


Street parking is available, along with a $2 metered lot on the corner of
North Avenue 51 and Meridian Street.


Ceremony began at


The ceremony will be held outdoors in the shade, so please dress accordingly.


Reception followed


We are going to dine family style and then dance it off all night long!


in josh's words

How We Met


As fate would have it, Tammy and I both ended up attending UCI as undergrads in 2007. Not only this, but we lived in the same dormitory. Halfway through freshman year, we became great friends after discovering we had a lot more in common than we had originally thought. So we spent our days planning ridiculous things and sharing whatever we could.  All this was very innocent, I didn’t know she liked me, she didn’t know I liked her. Others were able to recognize this, as we often were the center of giggles. During finals week right before summer break, I knew I had to actually do something. After watching “Igby Goes Down” in my dorm room, I took the leap. I told her that I liked her and she somewhat rejected me. She told me she liked me back, but would rather remain friends. 

After Tammy had gone back to her room, I was laying in bed debating whether I should convince her to change her mind, and then I heard a knock on my door. I looked out and she was standing there. I asked her, “Will you be my girlfriend?” and this time, she said yes. Afterwards, we went for a walk. We grasped hands for the first time and knew it felt right. Tammy looked up at me and said “hi” in the cutest way possible. I will never forget that moment, something about it just made me realize that this girl was mine, and I was hers. Since that day, June 8, 2008, we have only grown more together. I can honestly say that she is my one love and best friend. We are so excited to enter this next phase in our lives, and to be able to celebrate with all of our favorite people will make it even sweeter.